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Alcohol Health & Research World

Alcohol Research and Social Policy

Vol. 20, No. 4, 1996


In This Issue (p. 207) Click here for overview of chapters.


Alcohol Research and Social Policy: An Overview (p. 208)
Enoch Gordis

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age: History, Effectiveness, and Ongoing Debate (p. 213)
Traci L. Toomey, Carolyn Rosenfeld, and Alexander C. Wagenaar

Prevention of Drinking and Driving (p. 219)
Ralph Hingson

Perspectives on Alcohol Taxation (p. 230)
Donald Kenkel and Willard Manning

Harm Reduction as an Alcohol-Prevention Strategy (p. 239)
Eric Single

Access to Alcohol: Geography and Prevention for Local Communities (p. 244)
Paul J. Gruenewald, Alexander B. Millar, and Peter Roeper


Using Computer Models To Predict Prevention Policy Outcomes (p. 252)
Harold D. Holder

Liver Transplantation for Alcoholics With Terminal Liver Disease (p. 261)
David H. Van Thiel

Studying the Effects of Alcohol Advertising on Consumption (p. 266)
Henry Saffer


Index of Volume 20 (p. 273)


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