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Alcohol Health & Research World

Imaging in Alcohol Research

Vol. 19, No. 4, 1995 (p. 257)


In This Issue (p, 259) Click here for overview of chapters.


A Primer on Imaging (p. 261)
John J. Doria

Structural Brain Alterations Associated With Alcoholism (p. 266)
Margaret J. Rosenbloom, Adolf Pfefferbaum, and Edith V. Sullivan

Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol: What the Images Reveal(p. 273)
Sarah N. Mattson and Edward P. Riley

Imaging Studies of Aging, Neurodegenerative Disease, and Alcoholism (p. 279)
Jamie L. Eberling and William J. Jagust

Imaging of the Heart: Potential Application to Alcohol-Induced Heart Disease (p. 287)
Steven R. Bergmann

Glossary (293)

Monitoring the Brain's Response to Alcohol With Positron Emission Tomography(p. 296)
Nora Volkow, Gene-Jack Wang, and John J. Doria

Visualizing Neural Pathways Affected by Alcohol in Animals (p. 300)
David Lyons, Linda J. Porrino, and Susanne Hiller-Sturmhöfel

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Brain in Alcohol Abuse (p. 306)
George Fein, Dieter J. Meyerhoff, and Michael W. Weiner

Measuring Electrical Activity of the Brain: ERP Mapping in Alcohol Research (p. 315)
David B. Chorlian, Bernice Porjesz, and Howard L. Cohen


Insert: Advancing Knowledge, Improving Practice: NIAAA Research Priorities and Funding Opportunities

Index of Volume 19 (p. 325)


Small Animal MRI(p. 321)
Margaret Acara, James Alletto, Cynthia Dlugos, and Roberta Pentney


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