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Alcohol Health & Research World

Special Focus:
Advances in Alcoholism Treatment

Vol. 18, No. 4, 1994

In This Issue (p. 251)

Alcoholism Treatment in the United States (p. 253)
Mary E. McCaul and Janice Furst

Psychiatric Comorbidity: Occurrence and Treatment (p. 261)
Norman S. Miller

Medications for Treating Alcoholism (p. 265)
Raymond F. Anton

Naltrexone and the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence (p. 272)
Joseph R. Volpicelli, Karen L. Clay, Nathan T. Watson, and Laura A. Volpicelli

Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Alcoholism Treatment (p. 279)
Ronald M. Kadden

Patient-Treatment Matching: Rationale and Results (p. 287)
Margaret E. Mattson

Treatment of Adolescent Alcohol Abuse and Dependence (p. 296)
Oscar G. Bukstein

Mandated Treatment: Lessons From Research With Drinking and Driving Offenders (p. 302)
Elisabeth Wells-Parker

Research Update

Alcoholics Anonymous: Who Benefits? (p. 308)
J. Scott Tonigan and Susanne Hiller-Sturmhöfel

Liver Transplantation and Alcoholism Rehabilitation (p. 310)
Thomas Beresford

Index of Volume 18 (p. 313)


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