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Alcohol Health & Research World

Special Focus:
Alcohol-Related Birth Defects

Vol. 18, No. 1, 1994

In This Issue (p.3)

Clinical Recognition of FAS: Difficulties of Detection and Diagnosis (p. 5)
Jon M. Aase

Animal Research: Charting the Course for FAS (p. 10)
Howard C. Becker, Carrie L. Randall, Allen L. Salo, Jocelynn L. Saulnier, and R.T. Weathersby

Cellular and Molecular Bases of Alcohol's Teratogenic Effects (p.17)
Elias K. Michaelis and Mary L. Michaelis

Critical Periods for Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Evidence From Animal and Human Studies (p. 22)
Claire Coles

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Neurobehavioral Development: Where Is the Threshold? (p. 30)
Joseph L. Jacobson and Sandra W. Jacobson

Effects of Paternal Exposure to Alcohol on Offspring Development (p. 37)
Theodore J. Cicero

Comparative Teratogenicity of Alcohol and Other Drugs (p. 42)
Nancy L. Day and Gale A. Richardson

MRI and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Images Provide Insight Into FAS (p. 49)
Sarah N. Mattson, Terry L. Jernigan, and Edward P. Riley

The Economic Cost of FAS (p. 53)
Gregory Bloss

New Assessment Tools for Risk Drinking During Pregnancy: T-ACE, TWEAK, and Others (p. 55)
Marcia Russell

FAS Prevention Strategies: Passive and Active Measures (p. 62)
Janet R. Hankin

Intervention and the Child With FAS (p. 67)
Lyn Weiner and Barbara A. Morse

A Long-Term Perspective of FAS (p. 74)
Ann P. Streissguth

Tracking the Prevalence of FAS (p. 82)
José F. Cordero, R. Louise Floyd, M. Louise Martin, Margarett Davis, and Karen Hymbaugh

Epidemiologic Bulletin No. 33

Knowledge of FAS and the Risks of Heavy Drinking During Pregnancy, 1985 and 1990 (p. 86)
Mary C. Dufour, Gerald D. Williams, Karen E. Campbell, and Sherrie S. Aitken


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