The chart provides the description for Standard Drinks Chart


A standard drink contains about 14 grams (about .6 fluid ounces) of pure alcohol. Below are approximate standard drink equivalents.

12 oz. of beer or cooler

8-9 oz. of malt liquor
8.5 oz. shown in a 12-oz glass that, if full, would hold about 1.5 standard drinks of malt liquor

5 oz. of table wine

3-4 oz. of fortified or dessert wine
3.5 oz. Shown

2-3 oz. of cordial, liqueur, or aperitif
2.5 oz. Shown

1.5 oz. of brandy (a single jigger)

1.5 oz. of spirits (a single jigger of gin, vodka, whiskey, etc.)
Shown straight and in a highball glass with ice to show level before adding mixer