The chart provides the Brief Drinker Profile Consumption Section

There is a entry form to provide name, Gender, Age, and Weight

During the last 90 days, did respondent typically drink at least once a week?
IF YES: Complete Steady Pattern Chart
IF NO: Skip to Episodic Occasions Chart

For each time period, enter the number of standard drinks consumed AND approximate time span during which it was consumed (in hours).

Steady Pattern Chart provides the form to Calculate Daily Standard Drink Totals for each day of the week entering the number of the drinks for Morning, Afternoon and Evening

Steady Pattern Summary Indices provides the form to provide the following information:
A. Total drinking (non-abstinent) days in a typical week __________
B. Total standard drinks in typical week __________
C. Average number of standard drinks consumed per drinking day (B divided by A) __________
D. Maximum number of standard drinks consumed in a day during a typical week __________
(Choose highest daily standard drink total from above)
E. Estimated Peak BAL for heaviest drinking day in a typical week __________
(To estimate peak BAL, you will need to refer to a standard BAL chart and take into account the respondent's gender, weight, number of drinks consumed, and number of hours over which the drinks were consumed. For number of drinks and hours, refer to the heaviest drinking day in the Steady Pattern chart. If more than one drinking occasion is listed for that day, e.g., the respondent drank one drink in the morning in .5 hours and six drinks in the evening over 2 hours, use only the highest consumption occasion, i.e., in this example, six drinks over 2 hours).