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Abbreviations and Acronyms

AA Alcoholics Anonymous
AAAS Alcoholics Anonymous Affiliation Scale
AAI Alcoholics Anonymous Involvement [Scale]
AAIS Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale
AAS Addiction Admission Scale
AASE Alcohol Abstinence Self–Efficacy [Scale]
ABS Alcohol Beliefs Scale
ACQ–NOW Alcohol Craving Questionnaire
ADAD Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis
ADCQ Alcohol and Drug Consequences Questionnaire
ADI Adolescent Diagnostic Interview
ADIS Adolescent Drug Involvement Scale
ADRS Alcoholism Denial Rating Scale
ADS Alcohol Dependence Scale
AEQ-S Alcohol Effects Questionnaire–Self
AEQ Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire
AEQ–A Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire Adolescent Form
ALAT alanine aminotransferase
A–OCDS Adolescent Obsessive–Compulsive Drinking Scale
AOD alcohol and other drug
APS Addiction Potential Scale
APSI Adolescent Problem Severity Index
ARCQ Adolescent Relapse Coping Questionnaire
ASAM American Society of Addiction Medicine
ASAP Adolescent Self–Assessment Profile
ASAT aspartate aminotransferase
ASB Adaptive Skills Battery
ASI Addiction Severity Index
ASMA Assessment of Substance Misuse in Adolescents
ASMAST Adapted Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
ASRPT Alcohol–Specific Role Play Test
ATI Addiction Treatment Inventory
AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
AUI Alcohol Use Inventory
AWARE Assessment of Warning–Signs of Relapse
BAL blood alcohol level
B–PRPI Brown–Peterson Recovery Progress Inventory
CAI Client Assessment Inventory
CAPS–r College Alcohol Problem Scale–Revised
CASI Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Inventory
CASI–A Comprehensive Addiction Severity Index for Adolescents
CBI Coping Behaviours Inventory
CBT cognitive–behavioral therapy
CDAP Chemical Dependency Assessment Profile
CDDR Customary Drinking and Drug Use Record
CDP Comprehensive Drinker Profile
CDT carbohydrate–deficient transferrin
CEOA Comprehensive Effects of Alcohol [Scale]
CIDI Composite International Diagnostic Interview
CIWA–AD Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment
CLA Computerized Lifestyle Assessment
CLDH Cognitive Lifetime Drinking History
CLDQ Concordia Lifetime Drinking Questionnaire
CMRS Circumstances, Motivation, Readiness and Suitability [Scales]
COPES Community–Oriented Programs Environment Scale
d day
DAP Drug and Alcohol Problem [Quick Screen]
DAPSI Drug and Alcohol Program Structure Inventory
DAPTI Drug and Alcohol Program Treatment Inventory
DAST–A Drug Abuse Screening Test for Adolescents
DCS Drinking Context Scale
DEQ Drinking Expectancy Questionnaire
DICA Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents
DISC Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children
DIS–IV Diagnostic Interview Schedule for DSM–IV [Alcohol Module]
dL deciliter(s)
DPI Drinking Problems Index
DRIE Drinking–Related Internal–External [Locus of Control Scale]
DrInC Drinker Inventory of Consequences
DRSEQ Drinking Refusal Self–Efficacy Questionnaire
DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (various editions)
DSML Drinking Self–Monitoring Log
DTCQ Drug–Taking Confidence Questionnaire
DUI driving under the influence
DUSI–R Drug Use Screening Inventory (revised)
DWI driving while intoxicated
ECBI Effectiveness of Coping Behaviours Inventory
EDA Effects of Drinking Alcohol [Scale]
EDS Ethanol Dependence Syndrome [Scale]
EER ethanol elimination rate
ELISA enzyme–linked immunosorbent assay
EtG ethyl glucuronide
FH–RDC Family History–Research Diagnostic Criteria
F–SMAST Adapted Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test for Fathers
FTQ Family Tree Questionnaire [for Assessing Family History of Alcohol Problems]
g gram(s)
GAIN Global Appraisal of Individual Needs
GF Graduated–Frequency [Measure]
GGT gamma–glutamyltransferase
HA hemoglobin–acetaldehyde
HAP Hilson Adolescent Profile
5–HIAA 5–hydroxyindole–3–acetic acid
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
5–HT 5–hydroxytryptamine
5–HTOL 5–hydroxytryptophol
ICC intraclass correlation
ICD–10 International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Edition
ICS Impaired Control Scale
IDS Inventory of Drinking Situations
IDTS Inventory of Drug–Taking Situations
IPA Important People and Activities [Instrument]
ISS Individualized Self–Efficacy Survey
IST Interpersonal Situations Test
IVR interactive voice response
JASAE Juvenile Automated Substance Abuse Evaluation
kg kilogram(s)
K–SADS Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia for School–Aged Children
L liter(s)
LDH Lifetime Drinking History
LDQ Leeds Dependence Questionnaire
Mac MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale
MAST Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
MCMI Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory
MCV mean corpuscular volume
MDDA Manic–Depressive and Depressive Association
MET motivational enhancement therapy
mg milligram(s)
mmol millimole
MMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
MSAPS Minnesota Substance Abuse Problems Scale
M–SMAST Adapted Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test for Mothers
MSQ Motivational Structure Questionnaire
NA Narcotics Anonymous
NADH reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
NAEQ Negative Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire
NDATSS National Drug Abuse Treatment System Survey
NDATUS National Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Unit Survey
NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
NIH National Institutes of Health
nmol nanomole
OCDS Obsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale
ORC Organizational Readiness for Change
PACS Penn Alcohol Craving Scale
PBDS Perceived Benefit of Drinking Scale
PCI Personal Concerns Inventory
PEI Personal Experience Inventory
PEI–A Personal Experience Inventory for Adults
PESQ Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire
pmol picomole
POC Processes of Change Questionnaire
POSIT Problem Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers
PRISM Psychiatric Research Interview for Substance and Mental Disorders 
PRQ Problem Recognition Questionnaire
PSI Problem Situation Inventory
QDS Quick Drinking Screen
QF quantity–frequency
QFV Quantity–Frequency Variability [Index]
QTAQ Quitting Time for Alcohol Questionnaire
RAATE Recovery Attitude and Treatment Evaluator
RAATE–CE Recovery Attitude and Treatment Evaluator Clinical Evaluation
RAATE–QI Recovery Attitude and Treatment Evaluator Questionnaire I
RAPI Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index
RAPS4 Rapid Alcohol Problems Screen
RESPPI Residential Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Programs Inventory
RFDQ Reasons for Drinking Questionnaire
RIASI Research Institute on Addictions Self Inventory
RPI Relapse Precipitants Inventory
RTCQ Readiness To Change Questionnaire
RTCQ–TV Readiness To Change Questionnaire Treatment Version
SA sialic acid
SAAST Self–Administered Alcoholism Screening Test
SADD Short Alcohol Dependence Data
SADQ Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire
SAM Substance Abuse Module
SARA Substance Abuse Relapse Assessment
SASSI Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory
SASSI–A Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory for Adolescents
SBQ Significant–Other Behavior Questionnaire
SCAN Schedule for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry
SCID Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM
SCID–AD Structured Clinical Interview for DSM–III–R, Alcohol/Drug Version
SCID SUDM Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM Substance Use Disorders Module
SCQ Situational Confidence Questionnaire
SCT Situational Competency Test
SDSS Substance Dependence Severity Scale
SEEQ Survey of Essential Elements Questionnaire
SMAST Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
SMPS Social Model Philosophy Scale
SOCRATES Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale
SSAGA–II Semi–Structured Assessment for the Genetics of Alcoholism
SUDDS–IV Substance Use Disorders Diagnostic Schedule
TAS transdermal alcohol sensor
T–ASI Teen Addiction Severity Index
TCDT traditional chemical dependency treatment
TICS two–item conjoint screen
TLFB [Alcohol] Timeline Followback
TRI Temptation and Restraint Inventory
TSF 12–step facilitation therapy
TSR Treatment Services Review
T–TSR Teen Treatment Services Review
UAS Understanding of Alcoholism Scale
URICA University of Rhode Island Change Assessment [Scale]
VA Department of Veterans Affairs
VV Volume–Variability [Index]
WAS Ward Atmosphere Scale
WBAA whole blood–associated acetaldehyde
WHO World Health Organization
wk week
YWP Your Workplace

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Prepared: August 2004