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Neuroscience: Pathways to Alcohol Dependence Part 1 — Overview of the Neurobiology of Dependence
Volume 31, Number 3, 2008


This Table of Contents is provided for navigation throughout the Journal. If you wish to view or print the journal in PDF format, click on the PDF link (you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader—see PDF Viewing Information).

Up Front and Features


In This Issue [PDF]


Neurobiology of Alcohol Dependence:
Focus on Motivational Mechanisms
Nicolas W. Gilpin and George F. Koob

196Communication Networks in the Brain:
Neurons, Receptors, Neurotransmitters,
and Alcohol
David M. Lovinger
215Translational Studies of Alcoholism: Bridging the Gap [PDF]
Natalie M. Zahr and Edith V. Sullivan

Special Section


Strategies to Study the Neuroscience of Alcoholism: Introduction [PDF]
Robert Hitzemann and Denesa Oberbeck


Positron Emission Tomography As a Tool for Studying Alcohol Abuse [PDF]
Panayotis K. Thanos, Gene-Jack Wang,
and Nora D. Volkow


From Event-Related Potential to Oscillations: Genetic Diathesis in Brain (Dys)Function and Alcohol Dependence [PDF]
Madhavi Rangaswamy and Bernice Porjesz


The Use of Magnetic Resonance
Spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance
Imaging in Alcohol Research
Bonnie J. Nagel and Christopher D. Kroenke

247Magnetic Resonance Imaging Approaches
for Studying Alcoholism Using Mouse Models
Eilis A. Boudreau, Gang Chen, Xin Li, and
Christopher D. Kroenke
249Laser-Assisted Microdissection [PDF]
Denesa Oberbeck
251Proteomic Solutions for Analytical Challenges
Associated With Alcohol Research
Michael J. MacCoss and Christine C. Wu
256On the Use of Short-Interfering RNA
to Study Alcohol-Related Genes
Christopher A. Adams and W. Michael Zawada


Viral Delivery of Small-Hairpin RNAs
for Reducing Gene Expression in the
Rodent Brain
Amy W. Lasek and Ulrike Heberlein

261Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis: Multiple
Cross and Heterogeneous Stock Mapping
Robert Hitzemann, John K. Belknap, and
Shannon K. McWeeney
266Interval-Specific Congenic Animals for High-
Resolution Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping
Deaunne L. Denmark, Lauren C. Milner,
and Kari J. Buck
270Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Masking [PDF]
Nicole A.R. Walter, Shannon K. McWeeney,
Sandra T. Peters, John K. Belknap, Robert
Hitzemann, and Kari J. Buck
272Expression Quantitative Trait Loci and the
PhenoGen Database
Laura Saba, Paula L. Hoffman, Cheryl
Hornbaker, Sanjiv V. Bhave, and Boris Tabakoff
275Integrative Genetic Analysis of Alcohol
Dependence Using the GeneNetwork
Web Resources
Robert W. Williams and Lu Lu
278Conclusions [PDF]
Robert Hitzemann and Denesa Oberbeck
279Glossary [PDF]

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