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Epidemiology in Alcohol Research
Volume 27, Number 1, 2003

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3 In This Issue [PDF]

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Classification of Alcohol Use Disorders [PDF]
Deborah Hasin, Ph.D.



Tracking Alcohol Consumption Over Time [PDF]
Thomas K. Greenfield, Ph.D. and William C. Kerr, Ph.D.


Alcohol-Related Morbidity and Mortality [PDF]
Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D., Gerhard Gmel, Ph.D., Christopher T. Sempos, Ph.D., and Maurizio Trevisan, M.D., M.S.


Harmful Alcohol Use [PDF]
Gerhard Gmel, Ph.D. and Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D.


Epidemiology and Consequences of Drinking and Driving [PDF]
Ralph Hingson, Sc.D. and Michael Winter, M.P.H.


Alcohol Use Among Adolescents and Young Adults [PDF]
Michael Windle, Ph.D.


Alcohol Use and Related Problems Among Ethnic Minorities in the United States [PDF]
Frank H. Glavan, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. and Raul Caetano, M.D., Ph.D.


International Comparisons of Alcohol Consumption [PDF]
Kim Bloomfield, Dr.Ph., Tim Stockwell, Ph.D., Gerhard Gmel, Ph.D, and Nina Rehn, M.A. Pol. Sc.

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Accidental Alcohol Poisoning Mortality in the United States, 1996–1998 [PDF]
Young-Hee Yoon, Ph.D., Frederick S. Stinson, Ph.D., Hsiao-ye Yi, Ph.D., and Mary C. Dufour, M.D., M.P.H.

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Prepared: December 2003