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Alcohol and Stress
Volume 23, Number 4, 1999

Alcohol Research and Health Cover Volume 23, Number 4

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             239   In This Issue

             249   Erratum


241 Understanding Stress: Characteristics and Caveats

Hymie Anisman and Zul Merali

284 Work Stress and Alcohol Use

Michael R. Frone

250 Does Drinking Reduce Stress?

Michael A. Sayette

299 Can Your Children Drive You To Drink? Stress and Parenting in Adults Interacting With Children With ADHD

William E. Pelham, Jr., and Alan R. Lang

256 The Role of Uncontrollable Trauma in the Development of PTSD and Alcohol Addiction

Joseph Volpicelli; Geetha Balaraman, Julie Hahn, Heather Wallace, and Donal Bux

299 A Longitudinal Study of Stress, Alcohol, and Blood Pressure in Community-Based Samples of Blacks and Non-Blacks

Marcia Russell, M. Lynne Cooper, Michael R. Frone, and Robert S. Peirce

263 The Role of Stress in Alcohol Use, Alcoholism Treatment, and Relapse

Kathleen T. Brady and Susan C. Sonne

308 Index to Volume 23


272 Alcohol, Aging, and the Stress Response

Robert L. Spencer and Kent E. Hutchison


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