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Alcohol and Craving
Volume 23, Number 3, 1999

Alcohol Research and Health Cover Volume 23, Number 3
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             163   In This Issue



165 What Is Craving? Model and Implications for Treatment

Raymond F. Anton

207 Medications and Alcohol Craving

Robert M. Swift

174 Inducing Craving for Alcohol in the Laboratory

Mark D. Litt and Ned L. Cooney

215 Cognitive Concepts of Craving

Stephen T. Tiffany

179 Assessing Craving for Alcohol

David J. Drobes and Suzanne E. Thomas

225 Does Urge To Drink Predict Relapse After Treatment

Damaris J. Rohsenow and Peter M. Monti

187 Functional Imaging of Craving

Daniel W. Hommer

233 Animal Models of Craving


197 Approaching Avoidance: A Step Essential to the Understanding of Craving

Mary Jo Breiner, Werner G. K. Stritzke, and Alan R. Lang

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