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 What is Moderate Drinking?
Volume 23, Number 1, 1999

Alcohol Research and Health Cover Volume 23, Number 1
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  3   A New Title and a New Look

  4   In This Issue


5 What Is Moderate Drinking? Defining "Drinks" and Drinking Levels

Mary C. Dufour

31 Preventing Impaired Driving

Ralph W. Hingson, Timothy Heeren, and Michael R. Winter


Moderate Drinking and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Arthur L. Klatsky


Alcohol and Medication Interactions

Ron Weathermon and David W. Crabb


Drinking Moderately and Pregnancy: Effects on Child Development

Joseph L. Jacobson and Sandra W. Jackson


Gender Differences in Moderate Drinking Efects

Martin S. Mumenthaler, Joy L. Taylor, Ruth O'Hara, and Jerome A. Yesavage


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