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Neuroscience: Pathways of Addiction
Volume 21, Number 2, 1997

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Up Front

             99   In This Issue


101 The Neurobiology of Addiction: An Overview

Amanda J. Roberts and George F. Koob

136 The Role of the Neuromodulator Adenosine in Alcohol's Actions

Douglas P. Dohrman, Ivan Diamond, and Adrienne S. Gordon

107 The Principles of Nerve Cell Communication


144 Alcohol and Neurotransmitter Interactions

C. Fernando Valenzuela

108 Alcohol and Dopamine

Gaetano Di Chiara

149 Exploring Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Deborah A. Finn and John C. Crabbe

114 Serotonin's Role in Alcohol's Effects on the Brain

David M. Lovinger

157 Neuroscience: Implications for Treatment

Ismene Petrakis and John Krystal

120 Alcohol and Glutamate

Rueben A. Gonzales and Jason N. Jaworski

161 Is Behavioral Tolerance Learned?

Muriel Vogel-Sprott

127 GABA and the GABAA Receptor

S. John Mihic and R. Adron Harris

169 The Neurobiology of Alcoholism in Genetically Selected Rat Models

Robert B. Stewart and Ting-Kai Li

132 Opioid Peptides

Janice C. Froehlich

177 Glossary


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