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Alcohol's Effect on Organ Function    
Volume 21, Number 1, 1997
Alcohol's Effect on Organ Function
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5 Exploring Alcohol's Effects on Liver Function

Jacquelyn J. Maher

53 The Endocrine System: Alcohol Alters Critical Hormonal Balance

Nicholas Emanuele and Mary Ann Emanuele

13 Alcohol-Related Pancreatic Damage: Mechanisms and Treatment

Minoti V. Apte, Jeremy S. Wilson, and Mark A. Korsten

65 Impairments of Brain and Behavior: The Neurological Effects of Alcohol

Marlene Oscar-Berman, Barbara Shagrin, Denise L. Evert, and Charles Epstein

21 Alcohol and the Cardiovascular System: Molecular Mechanisms for Beneficial and Harmful Action

Sam Zakhari

76 Alcohol's Role in Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders

Christiane Bode and J. Christian Bode

30 Alcohol's Contribution to Compromised Immunity

Gyongyi Szabo

84 Alcohol's Impact on Kidney Function

Murray Epstein

42 The Hematological Complications of Alcoholism

Harold S. Ballard

93 Glossary




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