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Alcohol Research: Current Reviews

The Journal of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Volume 35, Issue Number 2

Alcohol Research and Health Cover Volume 34, Number 4

Measuring the Burden—Alcohol’s Evolving Impact on Individuals, Families, and Society

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117  Editors’ Note [PDF]

120  In This Issue [PDF]

122  Measuring the Burden: Alcohol’s Evolving Impact [PDF]
Ralph Hingson, Sc.D., and Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D.

128  Using Surveys to Calculate Disability-Adjusted Life-Years [PDF]
Wolfgang Wiedermann, Ph.D., and Ulrich Frick, Ph.D.

135  Community Indicators: Assessing the Impact of Alcohol Use on Communities [PDF]
Andrea Flynn, Ph.D., and Samantha Wells, Ph.D.

150  Focus on: The Burden of Alcohol Use—Trauma and Emergency Outcomes [PDF]
Cheryl J. Cherpitel, Dr.P.H.

155  Chronic Diseases and Conditions Related to Alcohol Use [PDF]
Kevin D. Shield, M.H.Sc.; Charles Parry, Ph.D.; and Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D.

174  Alcohol and Mortality: Global Alcohol-Attributable Deaths From Cancer, Liver Cirrhosis, and Injury in 2010 [PDF]
Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D., and Kevin D. Shield, M.H.Sc.

184  APIS: The NIAAA Alcohol Policy Information System [PDF]
Michael Hilton, Ph.D.

186  The Burden of Alcohol Use: Focus on Children and Preadolescents [PDF]
John E. Donovan, Ph.D.

193  Prevalence and Predictors of Adolescent Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking in the United States [PDF]
Megan E. Patrick, Ph.D., and John E. Schulenberg, Ph.D.

201  The Burden of Alcohol Use: Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Related Consequences Among College Students [PDF]
Aaron White, Ph.D., and Ralph Hingson, Sc.D.

219  Focus On: Women and the Costs of Alcohol Use [PDF]
Sharon C. Wilsnack, Ph.D.; Richard W. Wilsnack, Ph.D.; and Lori Wolfgang Kantor, M.A.

229  Focus On: Ethnicity and the Social and Health Harms From Drinking [PDF]
Karen G. Chartier, Ph.D.; Patrice A.C. Vaeth, Dr.P.H.; and Raul Caetano, M.D., Ph.D.

238  Gaps in Clinical Prevention and Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders: Costs, Consequences, and Strategies [PDF]
Mark L. Willenbring, M.D.

244  The World Health Organization’s Global Monitoring System on Alcohol and Health [PDF]
Vladimir Poznyak, M.D., Ph.D.; Alexandra Fleischmann, Ph.D.; Dag Rekve, MS.c.; Margaret Rylett, M.A.; Jürgen Rehm, Ph.D., and Gerhard Gmel, Ph.D.

250  Measuring the Burden—Current and Future Research Trends: Results From the NIAAA Expert Panel on Alcohol and Chronic Disease Epidemiology [PDF]
Rosalind A. Breslow, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., and Kenneth J. Mukamal, M.D.