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Alcohol Research: Current Reviews

The Journal of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Volume 34, Issue Number 4

Alcohol Research and Health Cover Volume 34, Number 4

Stress and Alcohol

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381 Editors’ Note [PDF]

383 In This Issue [PDF]

386 Overview: Stress and Alcohol Use Disorders Revisited [PDF]
Robert M. Anthenelli, M.D.

391 Stress and Alcohol: Epidemiologic Evidence [PDF]
K.M. Keyes, Ph.D.; M.L. Hatzenbuehler, Ph.D; Bridget F. Grant, Ph.D, Ph.D.; and Deborah S. Hasin, Ph.D.

401 Alcohol and Stress in the Military [PDF]
Jeremiah A. Schumm, Ph.D., and Kathleen M. Chard, Ph.D.

408 Childhood Trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Alcohol Dependence [PDF]
Kathleen t. Brady, M.D., Ph.D., and Sudie E. Back, Ph.D.

414 Anxiety and Alcohol Use Disorders: Comorbidity and Treatment Considerations [PDF]
Joshua P. Smith, Ph.D., and Carrie l. Randall, Ph.D.

432 How Does Stress Lead to Risk of Alcohol Relapse? [PDF]
Rajita Sinha, Ph.D.

441 Neural Pathways of Stress integration: Relevance to Alcohol Abuse [PDF]
James P. Herman, Ph.D.

448 Effects of Alcohol Dependence and Withdrawal on Stress Responsiveness and Alcohol Consumption [PDF]
Howard C. Becker, Ph.D.

459 Clinical Laboratory Stressors Used to Study Alcohol–Stress Relationships [PDF]
Suzanne Thomas, Ph.D.; Amy K. Bacon, Ph.D.; Rajita Sinha, Ph.D.; Magdalena Uhart, MD; and Bryon Adinoff, M.D.

468 Stress and the HPA Axis: Role of Glucocorticoids in Alcohol Dependence [PDF]
Mary Ann C. Stephens, Ph.D., and Gary Wand, M.D.

484 Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Stress Responding [PDF]
Toni-Kim Clarke, Ph.D.; Charlotte Nymberg, M.Sc.; and Gunter Schumann, M.D.

495 Stress, Epigenetics, and Alcoholism [PDF]
Sachin Moonat, M.S., and Subhash C. Pandey, Ph.D.

506 Resilience to Meet the Challenge of Addiction: Psychobiology and Clinical Considerations [PDF]
Ttanja N. Alim, M.D.; William B. Lawson, M.D.; Adriana Feder, M.D.; Brian M. Iacoviello, Ph.D.; Shireen Saxena,
M.S.; Christopher R. Bailey, B.A.; Allison M.Greene, M.S.; and Alexander Neumeister, M.D.

516 Treatment of Alcohol Dependence With Drug Antagonists of the Stress Response [PDF]
Amanda E. Higley, Ph.D.; George F. Koob, Ph.D.; and Barbara J. Mason, Ph.D

522 Glossary [PDF]

525 Index [PDF]