Safe at Home Project, Milwaukee, WI.

The figure is illustrated with a circle, with slices denoting the percentage of males enrolled in the Safe at Home Project in Milwaukee. Twelve-hundred and forty-seven men took part in this survey, and 44% report that substances were involved in the incidents that brought them to batterer treatment. The breakdown is as follows:
Twenty-one percent of batterers and their victims were substance users; 6% said the victim was a substance user, and 17% reported that the batterer was a substance abuser.

[Source: Selzer, M.L. (1971). The Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test: The quest for a new diagnostic instrument. American Journal of Psychiatry, 127,1653-1658; Stith, S. M., Crossman, R. K., Bischof, G. P. (1991). Alcoholism and marital violence: A comparative study of men in alcohol treatment programs and batterer treatment programs. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 8(2), 3-20.]