Traffic Alcohol-Related Fatalities, 1977-1999

The graph captures the trends of traffic alcohol-related fatalities 1977-1999. The vertical axis runs from zero to 100; values are in thousands. In 1977, 17,414 died of alcohol-related traffic fatalities. In 1999 that figure was reduced to 12,547. In comparison, there were 47,715 non-alcohol traffic fatalities in 1977, and that figure changed to 41,717 in 1999. Overall traffic crashes have declined since 1977, even though the highways have increasingly become congested.

[Source: Yi, H., Stinson, F. S., Williams, G. D., & Bertolucci, D. (1999). Trends in Alcohol-related Fatal Traffic Crashes, United States, 1975-1997. (NIAAA Surveillance Report No. 49). Bethesda, MD: US Department of Health and Human Services.]