Relative Risk Over 21 years, Alcohol consumption & Mortality (Scottish Men)

Synopsis: The figure depicts relative mortality risk of 5766 Scottish men, age 35-64, followed over a 21-year period. The men were divided into 5 groups based upon total weekly alcohol consumption of either 1-7 drinks; 8-14 drinks; 15-21 drinks; 22-34 drinks; or 35 drinks. The participants were then measured for all causes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and alcohol-related causes. The study showed that there was no clear relationship between consumption of alcohol and mortality from heart disease; however, there was a strong relationship between higher consumption levels and stroke. Drinkers of over 35 drinks a week had double the risk of mortality compared with non-drinkers. There of all cause mortality was higher in men drinking 22 or more drinks a week.