One Day Census of Clients in Substance Treatment by Age

This figure captures populations served for substance treatment based on one-day census of clients between years 1987-1995. Subjects were divided in 5 age categories of <18; 45-64; 21-44; 45-64; and 65 years and older. The vertical line is zero to 1200 and represents those served in rates of thousands. The following is a synopsis based on visual approximations of the graph for the following years:

Close to 600,000 people age 65> sought substance treatment which slowly increased until 1991 when those seeking treatment escalated, then peeked and remained steady from 1992-1993, then began to steadily increase. Those 45-64 followed a similar trend but did not climb as quickly from 1991-1995. Approximately 450,000 between the ages of 21-44 also followed a similar pattern to those described above, and were consistently the largest group seeking treatment through the study period. Those in the 18-20 and those under 18 remained shared similar trends of escalation and decline, and both were the smallest group seeking treatment throughout the study period.