Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis by Race and Gender (Age-Adjusted, 1996)

The following graph depicts age-adjusted liver disease, alcohol-related liver disease (cirrhosis), and unspecified liver disease by race and gender. The vertical axis goes from zero to fourteen percent and represents morbidity percentage rates per 100,000. The following are visual approximations of the bar graph:

Alcohol-related liver disease:
Hispanic males: 12.70%
White males: 5.25%
Black males:8.25%
Hispanic females: 2.1%
White females: 1.75%
Black females: 2.50%

Other specified liver disease:
Hispanic males: 0.28%
White males: 0.25%
Black males: 0.30%
Hispanic females: 0.30%
White females: 0.24%
Black females: 0.28%

Unspecified liver disease:
Hispanic males: 7.75%
White males: 4%
Black males: 5.65%
Hispanic females: 3.75%
White females: 2%
Black females: 2.15%

[Source: Saadatmand, F., Stinson, F. S., Grant, B. F., & DuFour, M. C. (1999). Liver Cirrhosis Mortality in the United States, 1970-96. National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism Surveillance Report no. 52. Bethesda, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.]