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Teacher Resources and Curricular Materials


FASD Toolbox Image for Teachers

Do2Learn's FASD Teacher Toolbox

Easy-to-use web resources that are useful in the classroom and at home for children with FASD grades pre-k to k-12.   Practical Learning Strategies are explained using problem solving examples and forms,  language learning tools, mathematics guides and manipulatives, and study tips for both homework and test taking. Education Resources that can be downloaded for use in the classroom include teacher Literacy Tools, Behavior Management Plans and Forms, Problem Solving visuals, printable math grids and charts, and alphabet and writing handouts. Instructional games like Word War, Go Fish Letters, and Sound Bingo are provided to teach specific skills like planning, letter recognition, boundaries, listening, and turn-taking.

Check out the thousands of pages of free helpful visual communication cards, printable support material, and games that have been developed for FASD deficits at the Toolbox for Teachers on the popular, over 7 million hits a month, website.

Better Safe Than Sorry - Preventing a Tragedy

Better Safe Than Sorry-Preventing a Tragedy: A Science and Health Curriculum "

This highly engaging, flexible (1-4 class periods), inquiry-based curriculum module was developed by researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill as well as teachers and other educational consultants. Materials and lessons are adapted for use in a middle school science classroom, aligned with the National Science Education Standards (NSES) and are based on current research relevant to a life-science curriculum. All kits are FREE and include guided teacher instructions for implementation, data tables and background materials, a video with guided lab instruction and background on FAS, a CD-ROM with all hardcopy materials and a post-assessment game, color transparencies, brochures, and ordering information for an accompanying hands-on experiment involving varying concentration levels of ethanol and the growth and development of brine shrimp. All components are available for current download, and will soon be made available for shipment through Carolina Biological Supply Company.

Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior

“Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior” (online ordering )

A middle school curriculum supplement involving 6 hands-on, inquiry-based lessons that fit into the 5E’s Instructional Model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate), also aligned with NSES Content Standards. It includes web-based components that include simulations of intoxicated and sober mice (varying alcohol concentrations, time and genetics, calculations and impact on BAC levels as well as depictions of intoxicated drivers, requiring students to make observations and inferences. Finally, the last lesson is a highly-interdisciplinary piece that requires students to synthesize information from a variety of primary sources in developing a justification for positions on various legal and social issues related to the science of alcohol. All activities and lessons were field tested in a variety of educational settings, and all teacher background and overall science content was verified by experts at NIAAA. In order to access web activities, downloadable teacher materials, and technical information, go to