Resident: Good morning, Mr. Johnson. This is my attending, Dr. Wong.

Attending: Hello, Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson: Hey – I’ve got more doctors than I know what to do with.

Attending: Sounds like you had a pretty rough night Friday.

Mr. Johnson:  I suppose. But hey, the doc here she saved my life – not that it’s worth anything.

Attending: You sound discouraged.

Mr. Johnson: I suppose. Hey - can I go home now?

Attending: Well, things appear to have stabilized. Mind if I ask you a couple of questions?

Mr. Johnson: Here we go again.

Attending: Sounds like you’ve been drinking pretty heavily.

Mr. Johnson: I suppose – but not like my friends – now they’re really heavy drinkers.

Attending: In a typical week, how many days do you drink something?

Mr. Johnson: I drink every day, unless I’m sick.

Attending: How many drinks on a typical day?

Mr. Johnson: A 12-pack, a few shots, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Attending: So shall we say 15 to 18?

Mr. Johnson: 15 sounds about right.

Attending: And you’ve been through treatment a couple of times?

Mr. Johnson: Yeah, DWIs – I’ve been through the Mickey Mouse – didn’t do any good though.

Attending: Has Dr. Cantor told you that your liver disease and GI bleeds are from the drinking?

Mr. Johnson: She mentioned it.  No big surprise, though. I don’t drink for my health.

Attending: What do you think about that?

Mr. Johnson: Well, it scared me pretty good.

Attending: Are you willing to consider quitting?

Mr. Johnson: Hey, I like to drink – how about if we just cut back a little?

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