Physician: Here is your prescription. I’d like you to get started right away. What do you think about giving AA another try?

Ms. Martinez: I suppose so.

Physician: OK – the nurse will give you more information about it.

Ms. Martinez: OK.

Physician: You say you haven’t shown signs of withdrawal before, but if you have difficulty with tremors when you’re quitting this time, come in or call right away.

Ms. Martinez: I definitely will.

Physician: I’ll introduce you to Michelle.

Ms. Martinez: OK. Thanks.

Physician: This is my nurse Michelle. This is Theresa. I just wrote her a prescription and we need to start a medication management program. I’d like for you to see her next week and the week after. Then I’d like to see you back here in 4 weeks to check on your progress. Good luck.

Nurse: Please come with me.

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