Physician: Heather, I’m concerned about your drinking – especially the memory blackouts.  Are you worried?

Ms. Davis: Yeah, a little I guess.  I just don’t think it’s that big a deal.

Physician: Well you’re drinking pretty heavily every week. You’ve already had several blackouts, and now a sprained wrist.  If you keep drinking this way you could run into serious problems.  I’d really like to see you cut down or quit.

Ms. Davis: Well, I guess I could be more careful, but I’m not going to quit having fun. Everyone else does it and they are all fine.

Physician: So you’re afraid if you quit drinking you won’t fit in.

Ms. Davis: Yeah I guess…

Physician: A lot of students feel that way.  But did you know that more than half of college students don’t drink excessively?

Ms. Davis: Yeah, the dull ones.

Physician: So, don’t you think it’s possible to have fun without drinking.

Ms. Davis: I suppose it’s possible … maybe…

Physician: What do you think about giving it a try?

Ms. Davis: I’ll think about it.

Physician: So, I hear that you’re not ready to make a commitment now, but I hope you’ll keep an open mind.

Ms. Davis: Sure.

Physician: Here are some things that can help as you think about it.The maximum recommended limits for women are no more than 3 drinks a day and no more than 7 drinks a week. The more drinks you have over 3 a day, and the more often you drink that heavily, the more likely you are to have problems.Here’s a chart that shows what we mean by a drink. It can help you keep track.  If you decide you want to cut down, here are some tips that can help. And if you change your mind and want to talk more, you can always come back.

Ms. Davis: OK, thank you.

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