Nurse: We got the X-rays back on this young woman.  She said that she blacked out last night and doesn’t recall how her wrist was injured.  She reports drinking quite a bit.

Physician: OK, thanks. 

Nurse: You’re welcome.

Physician: Hi, I’m Doctor Moore.

Ms. Davis: Hi. 

Physician: Well, I took a look at your X-rays and I don’t see a fracture.

Ms. Davis: Oh OK, good. I was worried about that.

Physician: So you fell on your wrist…  Can you tell me exactly how you got hurt?

Ms. Davis: I don’t really remember for sure – I must have put my hand out to break a fall.

Physician: Let’s take a look at the damage. 

Ms. Davis: Ouch.

Physician: OK, Heather, it looks like you’ve got yourself a pretty good sprain there but it’s going to be OK.

Ms. Davis: OK, good.

Physician: We’ll put a splint on it for comfort. Wear it for a couple of days and see how it feels.  You can wear it longer if your wrist is still sore. It’ll probably take about 2 to 3 weeks to heal, so no sports using your wrist during that time. Is it pretty painful?

Ms. Davis: Yeah, kinda.

Physician: Well you can take ibuprofen for that. It’s over the counter – just follow the directions on the bottle.

Ms. Davis: OK - I’ve taken it before for headaches

Physician: No allergies, right?

Ms. Davis: Nope.

Physician: OK. I’d like to talk to you more about your drinking.

Ms. Davis: I was afraid of that.  Look – I don’t drink that much.

Physician: Well, 16 drinks in one night is quite a bit, and it is the reason you’re here.

Ms. Davis: Yeah – I suppose.  But all my friends do it.

Physician: Well, it’s quite common, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Ms. Davis: Mmm hmm

Physician: I know you’re uncomfortable, but my main concern is your health. May I ask you a couple more questions about your drinking?

Ms. Davis: Well, I figured you were going to anyways…

Physician: Have you had memory blackouts before?

Ms. Davis: Yeah, a couple of times.

Physician: Ever hurt yourself before last night?

Ms. Davis: No.

Physician: Do you drink and drive?

Ms. Davis: No, never.

Physician: Ever been in a sexually compromising situation because of drinking?

Ms. Davis: No, I’ve never had trouble with that before.

Physician: Has drinking affected your grades?

Ms. Davis: No.

Physician: How about relationships?

Ms. Davis: No.

Physician: Have other people been concerned about your drinking?

Ms. Davis: Well, my friends are a little freaked out about my wrist – but they all do the same thing.

Physician: Have you had trouble with alcohol in the past – have your parents been concerned?

Ms. Davis: No.

Physician: Have you tried to quit or cut down?

Ms. Davis: No – it never occurred to me.

Physician: Ever had treatment?

Ms. Davis: No!

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