Dr. Wilson: Over the past few weeks, on average, it looks like you’ve had a total of 4 drinking days per week – 2 heavy with 5 or more drinks – for a total of 18 drinks per week.

Mr. Jackson: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Dr. Wilson: Well that is real progress – down from 4 heavy drinking days and 28 drinks per week. It’s difficult to change. How did you do it?

Mr. Jackson: Well, that tip sheet you gave me really helped.  I’ve been drinking water or diet soda between beers.  And I told my buddies the doc said I just gotta cut down.

Dr. Wilson: Those sound like good strategies and you’ve made a lot of progress.  But you’re still not at your goal, which is no more than 2 drinks per day and 7 per week. Have you thought about what you could do?

Mr. Jackson: I think I can get there. The main thing is it’s just not as much fun hanging with other drinkers. I might have to do some other things.

Dr. Wilson: Have you thought about alternatives?

Mr. Jackson: Yeah, my wife goes bowling and I could join her.  And we’re also involved in our church – I could do more there.

Dr. Wilson: I think those are great ideas.

Mr. Jackson: Yeah, thanks for going through all of this with me – I had been a little concerned myself but didn’t know how to bring it up.

Dr. Wilson: Yeah, it can be difficult to talk about. I want to see you back here in three months so we can check how you’re doing. 

Mr. Jackson: Sounds good.

Dr. Wilson: Be sure to continue tracking everything – exercise and diet are important, too.

Mr. Jackson: Will do.

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