Dr. Wilson: OK, Mr. Jackson – your blood pressure looks better – it’s 130 over 82, And you’ve lost 5 pounds –that’s great!  How are you feeling?

Mr. Jackson: I’m feeling good.

Dr. Wilson: How about diet and exercise?  Do you have the calendars?

Mr. Jackson: You know, I’ve been trying to get walks in every day and doing it most days. The diet’s a bit harder – but that plan you gave me is helping. I’m having lots more fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Wilson: That’s good. How about the drinking?

Mr. Jackson: Well, I think I did pretty good – I didn’t realize how much I’d been drinking.

Dr. Wilson: Over the past few weeks it looks like, on average, you’ve had four drinking days a week – 2 heavy with 5 or more drinks – for a total of 18 drinks per week.

Mr. Jackson: That sounds about right.

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