Dr. Wilson: Have you ever been concerned about your drinking or tried to cut down?

Mr. Jackson: No – it’s never been a problem.

Dr. Wilson: How about your wife – has she ever said anything?

Mr. Jackson: Well yeah, she’d like it if I drank less, but it’s never caused problems between us.

Dr. Wilson: Do you drive after drinking?

Mr. Jackson: I don’t do that.

Dr. Wilson: Have you ever had a DWI?

Mr. Jackson: Never.

Dr. Wilson: Have you ever attended AA or an alcohol treatment program for a drinking problem? 

Mr. Jackson: Oh no, nothing like that.

Dr. Wilson: Has your drinking increased a lot over time?

Mr. Jackson: No, it’s been about the same.

Dr. Wilson: OK, why don’t we get started with the physical exam, and then we can come back and talk more about these things later.

Mr. Jackson: OK.

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