Start:  Do you sometimes drink beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages?

If No: screening complete.  Stop.

If Yes: How many times have you had 5 or more drinks in one day?

Is the Screening positive? 

  • 1 or more heavy drinking days.
  • AUDIT score of >=8 for men.

If No:

  • Advise staying within maximum drinking limits.
  • Recommend lower limits or abstinence as medically indicated.
  • Express openness to talking.
  • Rescreen annually.  Screening complete.

If Yes:  Your patient needs additional evaluation.
Question 1:  On average, how many days a week do you have an alcoholic drink? Answer=4.
Question 2:  On a typical drinking day, how many drinks do you have? Answer=7.

Weekly average equals question 1 multiplied by question 2. Answer=28. Go to Step 2.

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