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Looking through front window


Host looking through peep hole of front door

TEEN VO: You just want to be "you," right?

two girls at front door

Your own look, Your own story, You just want to have some fun.

African american boy at front door with music CDs

You don't want to deal with someone offering you a drink. Don't have to, Don't need to.

Guy and girl at front door

Sure, it may seem like everybody does it. That some kids think it's "cool"...

Host answering the door

But is it? Would you want to embarrass yourself, or say things you'll regret later?

Two more girls at front door

Or, hurt the feelings of someone you care about? I don't think so.

Asian boy at front door

So the next time someone offers you alcohol, remember

Asian boy saying hello to others inside

You don't have to drink to have a good time.

Boy at front door rings doorbell


Boy shows beer to host

HOST: Hey...

Host talking to the boy at front door

Sorry, gotta lose the beer.

Host closing door on boy

Teen VO: Cause for kids who drink...

door closes with boy still outside

The party is already over!

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ANNCR: For more information on teens and drinking, visit our Web site:

Be you be cool,

Check it out. Be Cool. Be You.