Summer 2011 • Issue 23


New Publications

Image of Alcohol Research and Health

Alcohol Research & Health, Vol. 34, No. 1 “Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” (FASD) now is available in print and on the NIAAA Web site. It features information about the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and the spectrum of disorders that may result.  Articles examine the prevalence and diagnosis of FASD, risk factors, effects on the brain and on behavior and learning capabilities, and treatment and intervention approaches. The full text of this issue is available at for printing or for download to popular e-readers.

Image of N I A A A Spectrum newsletter

The latest issue of NIAAA Spectrum was released in June 2011. It features information about drugs used in treating alcohol use disorders and NIAAA’s efforts toward making drug development more efficient. Other articles include “Binge Drinking Pathways in the Rat Brain,” “A School’s Scholastic Success Can Keep Kids From Drugs\Alcohol,” “Study Helps Target Naltrexone Use,” and “Stress Drinking Linked to Early Alcohol Use.”

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