Summer 2010 • Issue 20


Popularity of NIAAA Seasonal Outreach Series Soars

For the 2009 holiday season, NIAAA continued its seasonal outreach with the release of its New Year’s Eve fact sheet, Rethinking Holiday Drinking: Alcohol-related Traffic Deaths Jump on New Year’s Eve. Seasonal fact sheets contain relevant statistics presented in an easy-to-understand “infograph” style, practical science-based commentary, and NIAAA Web site information. They are disseminated widely through electronic media and in print upon request. The 2009 holiday fact sheet is available at

Image of 2009 Fact SheetThe 2009 New Year’s Eve fact sheet focused on the physiological effects of excessive drinking and how many common abilities may be compromised as a result of heavy alcohol consumption. It also corrected some popular myths about intoxication and impairment that often lead to dangerous celebratory drinking.

The fact sheet was featured on more than 214 Web sites (up from 90 the previous year), including Reuters, Forbes, Yahoo!, Yahoo!Canada, Yahoo!UK and Ireland, and MarketWatch, as well as business journals, corporate and business publications, and major network television affiliates of FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC. It also appeared on PR Newswire’s Times Square billboard in New York City on December 30, and on the Las Vegas Fashion Show billboard on December 18–19.

All told, the 2009 fact sheet reached a total audience of more than 170 million (up from the 19 million average of previous years).