Summer 2009 • Issue 18

Personnel News

New Appointments

Donna Casady was selected as NIAAA’s Budget Officer and Chief of the Financial Management Branch, Office of Resource Management. Ms. Casady served in numerous financial management positions across NIH, including her previous position as Budget Officer for the National Institute on Aging. She was the Deputy Budget Officer at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and Senior Budget Analyst in the NIH Office of the Director’s Budget Policy and Resource Analysis Branch.


Johnathan Folkers

Jonathan Folkers

Jonathan Folkers is NIAAA’s new Chief Information Officer. Mr. Folkers comes to NIAAA from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), where he held several information technology (IT) leadership positions. Most recently, Mr. Folkers was NIAID’s Branch Chief of IT Customer Services. He is proficient in Macintosh, Windows, and Unix systems; holds Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credentials; and is certified in IT project management. Before completing his Master’s Degree in Health Policy and Management from Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Folkers conducted research on alcohol-related risk behavior among college students.

Keith Lamirande was named Deputy Executive Officer for NIAAA. Prior to his appointment, he served as a Budget Analyst in NIAAA’s Financial Management Branch since 2001 and as the institute’s Budget Officer since 2004. A 1994 graduate of the Management Intern Program, he has served in many administrative areas since joining NIH in 1990, including human resources, general administration, and financial management. Additionally, he served on the Administrative Training Committee and as Chair of the Emerging Leaders Program. Mr. Lamirande has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Bates College and an MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.

Dr. Richard Rippe has joined NIAAA as Scientific Review Officer, Extramural Project Review Branch. He will be responsible for managing the review of Center grant applications, SBIR contract proposals, and other applications in Special Emphasis Panels. He also will be the PCC Referral Officer for NIAAA. Before joining NIAAA, Dr. Rippe was a tenured Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is an established scientist whose research has focused on the pathogenesis of hepatic fibrogenesis and alcoholic liver disease. He was a standing member of the AA-1 subcommittee at NIAAA and the Hepatobiliary Pathophysiology Study Section at NIH’s Center for Scientific Review (CSR). Additionally, he has been a member of more than 20 Special Emphasis Panels at NIH.

Doctor Srinivas

Dr. Ranga Srinivas

Dr. Ranga Srinivas was named Chief, Extramural Project Review Branch. He previously served at CSR as Chief, AIDS and Related Research Integrated Review Groups. He joined CSR as a Scientific Review Administrator in 1999 and was appointed Chief of the AARR IRG in 2000. Following postdoctoral studies in the field of virology, he joined the Molecular and Cell Biology faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In 1988, he joined the Department of Infectious Diseases at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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