Spring 2011 • Issue 22


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Bridging the Gap in Drug Development

The NIAAA Clinical Investigations Group (NCIG) is an Institute-directed program created in 2007 to speed up the testing of promising medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence. The group was developed to conduct small-scale, Phase II clinical efficacy trials that bridge a gap in the drug development process between early Phase I studies and larger Phase III clinical trials.

International Collaborations to Prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

On January 31, NIAAA Acting Director Dr. Kenneth Warren, along with Dr. Peggy Murray, NIAAA’s Senior Advisor for International Research, participated in “Sharing Health: U.S.–Russia Collaboration in the Health Sector.” Sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., the meeting addressed the importance of chronic, or noncommunicable diseases, within the broader field of global health.

APIS Announces Update of Alcohol Policy Information

Image of Alcohol Policy Information System LogoThe latest update of State-by-State alcohol policies was released recently by NIAAA’s Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS). There were 34 policy changes across the APIS topics during the calendar year 2009 reporting period, including the following: Underage Drinking, Alcohol Control Systems, Health Insurance: Losses Due to Intoxication (UPPL), and Health Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related Treatment

The Cool Spot Carnival: Teaching Teens About Alcohol

Photo of Vatsalya VatsalyaNIAAA’s “Cool Spot Carnival” continues to bring in record crowds at local events, showing children of all ages how alcohol alters the brain.

The Carnival is based on material from the NIAAA Web site for kids, www.thecoolspot.gov. Much of the success of the Carnival exhibit lies in its simplicity. There’s nothing to plug in and no high-tech devices to switch on or power up.

Dr. Ralph Hingson Appointed Chair of WHO Task Force

Photo of Doctor Vladimir Poznyak and Doctor Ralph Hingson Dr. Ralph Hingson, Director of NIAAA’s Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, attended the Global Network of the WHO National Counterparts for Implementation of the Global Strategy To Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol. The inaugural meeting, which was held from February 8 to 11, 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland, was attended by representatives from over 120 nations.

International Network on Brief Intervention for Alcohol Problems (INEBRIA) 8th Annual Conference Registration and Call for Abstracts Now Open

Registration and the call for abstracts, workshops, and symposia for the International Network on Brief Intervention for Alcohol Problems (INEBRIA) 8th Annual Conference is now open.

The 2011 Jack Mendelson Honorary Lecture

Photo of Doctor Doctor Anna Mae Diehl receiving a plaque from Doctor Ken WarrenAs a tribute to Dr. Jack Mendelson’s remarkable scientific contributions to the field of alcohol research, NIAAA established an honorary lecture series to highlight clinical/human research in alcohol studies.