Spring 2011 • Issue 22


New Publications

Image of Alcohol Research and Health

Alcohol Research & Health, Vol. 33, No. 4 “Expanding the Framework of Treatment” is now available in print and on the NIAAA Web site. This issue explores the latest developments in treating alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Articles examine the ways in which treatment is being made more accessible, more successful, and more cost-effective. Other topics include behavioral therapy, medications development, advances in technology, as well as integrated care for patients with co-occurring disorders. Full text of this issue is available at www.niaaa.nih.gov for printing or for download to popular e-readers.

Image of Women and Alcohol

The Women and Alcohol fact sheet provides information that women need to know about alcohol use, including guidelines for low-risk drinking, particular risks that women face, and statistics on women’s drinking. The fact sheet is available for download at www.niaaa.nih.pubs.

Image of Parenting to Prevent Childhood Abuse

Another new fact sheet, Parenting to Prevent Childhood Alcohol Use, also is available for download from the NIAAA Web site. It focuses on how alcohol affects the development of children and adolescents and how parents can talk to their children about alcohol-related topics and set clear family policies about alcohol.

Image of the N I A A A Spectrum newsletter

The latest issue of NIAAA Spectrum was released in February 2011. It features information about caffeinated alcoholic beverages and alcohol poisoning. Other articles include “Reducing On-Campus Drinking,” “Why Adolescents Are Less Sensitive to Alcohol,” and “Brain’s Reward Circuits May Contribute to Alcohol Abuse.”

For NIAAA publications and other resources, visit the NIAAA Web site (www.niaaa.nih.gov) or write to: NIAAA, Publications Distribution Center, P.O. Box 10686, Rockville, MD 20849–0686.