Spring 2011 • Issue 22


The 2011 Jack Mendelson Honorary Lecture


Photo of Doctor Doctor Anna Mae Diehl receiving a plaque from Doctor Ken Warren

Dr. Anna Mae Diehl receives a plaque from Dr. Ken Warren, Acting Director, NIAAA, in recognition of her outstanding research.

As a tribute to Dr. Jack Mendelson’s remarkable scientific contributions to the field of alcohol research, NIAAA established an honorary lecture series to highlight clinical/human research in alcohol studies. Each lecture features an outstanding investigator who has made significant and long-term contributions to our understanding of alcoholism susceptibility, alcohol’s effects on the brain and other organs, and the prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders.

Anna Mae Diehl, M.D., Florence McAlister Professor of Medicine, Chief of the Gastroenterology Division, and Director of the Liver Center at Duke University School of Medicine, presented the 3rd Annual Jack Mendelson Honorary Lecture, “Fixing Broken Livers,” on April 12th at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Diehl was honored for her work on the effects of alcohol on the liver. Her research offers key insights into how the immune system regulates liver injury and regeneration.