Spring 2011 • Issue 22


Dr. Ralph Hingson Appointed Chair of WHO Task Force

Dr. Ralph Hingson, Director of NIAAA’s Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, attended the Global Network of the WHO National Counterparts for Implementation of the Global Strategy To Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol. The inaugural meeting, which was held from February 8 to 11, 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland, was attended by representatives from over 120 nations. The main objective was to lay a foundation for a global network of WHO national counterparts that will work together to reduce the harmful use of alcohol worldwide. The meeting also developed procedures for this network, including setting priority areas and implementation strategies and identifying mechanisms for monitoring and reporting findings from the global network. An important first step will be to launch a Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health in 2011.

Photo of Doctor Vladimir Poznyak and Doctor Ralph Hingson at the WHO in Geneva

Doctors Vladimir Poznyak and Ralph Hingson at the WHO in Geneva

A Coordinating Council was established that comprises two representatives from each of WHO’s six regions, the Chairs of four task forces (Public Health Advocacy and Partnership, Technical Support and Capacity Building, Production and Dissemination of Knowledge, and Resource Mobilization), and members of two working groups (Health Services and Alcohol Marketing Oversight). Dr. Vladimir Poznyak was appointed the WHO Coordinator for the Management of Substance Abuse.

Dr. Hingson was appointed Chair of the Task Force on Production and Dissemination of Knowledge and also will serve on the Coordinating Council.