Fall 2010 • Issue 21


Drug Facts Chat Day logo

NIAAA participated in this year’s National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Drug Facts Chat Day on November 9. Kids from middle and high schools from around the country were given the chance to ask questions about drugs and alcohol and get answers in a real-time chat. Experts from NIAAA, NIDA, and the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) were paired with editors from those Institutes to offer answers that were accurate and easy for kids to understand.

NIAAA expert, Aaron White, Ph.D., was paired with editor Shuly Babitz to field questions, including, What should I do if my parents drink a lot? Is drinking bad when you’re pregnant? Why is alcohol bad for your liver? How do you cure a hangover? Why are alcoholic energy drinks dangerous? and Why is hooking up easier when you’re drunk?

The NIAAA team offered answers and links to NIAAA resources, including Rethinking Drinking, The Cool Spot, and Beyond Hangovers.