Fall 2009 • Issue 19

New Publications

Alcohol Research & Health: A Developmental Perspective on Underage Alcohol Use (Volume 32, Number 1, 2009)

Alcohol Research and Health cover

Volume 32(1) of Alcohol Research & Health focuses on underage drinking, spotlighting findings that originally appeared in the journal Pediatrics (Vol. 121, Supplement, 2008). This issue includes an introductory developmental perspective on alcohol use, as well as overviews of risk factors for alcohol use and abuse and the effects of alcohol on children in different developmental stages from birth to late adolescence. This issue also covers preventive interventions for underage drinking and treatment for alcohol and other drugs in adolescence.

Alcohol Alert #78: A Developmental Perspective on Underage Alcohol Use

Alcohol Alert 78

The Alcohol Alert on underage drinking corresponds with the Alcohol Research & Health issue on the same subject. This Alert addresses our understanding of alcohol’s effects on the key stages of human development from birth through age 20.

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