Fall 2009 • Issue 19


APIS Announces update of Alcohol Policy Information

NIAAA’s Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) announces its latest update of State-by-State alcohol policies.

This year’s update includes a new posting on “underage internal possession” laws. These laws prohibit an underage person from having alcohol in his or her system. The laws typically require evidence of alcohol in the minor’s body but do not require any specific evidence of possession or consumption. Such laws are especially useful to law enforcement when breaking up underage drinking parties. They allow officers to bring charges against underage persons even if they were not seen drinking or holding alcoholic beverages. As of January 1, 2009, eight States had internal possession laws.

In addition to adding underage internal possession laws, this update reports on 22 changes in State alcohol policy statutes and regulations that occurred in the year ending January 1, 2009. This information and other policy highlights are available at http://www.alcoholpolicy.niaaa.nih.gov/.




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