Fall 2009 • Issue 19


NIAAA Launches Webzine

Screen shot of N I A A A spectrum webzine

In October, NIAAA launched its first-ever “webzine.” The NIAAA Spectrum features engaging articles, short news updates, and colorful graphics. Spectrum will be published three times annually, and will present information on NIAAA and highlights from the alcohol research field for a wide range of audiences.

“I’m excited about the Spectrum as a new way to reach members of the public with important messages about alcohol and their health, but also as a way to engage researchers whose primary interest may not be the study of alcohol or its effects on our society. Because alcohol is enjoyed by many—and sometimes also abused—it’s an issue that can impact many of the health sciences,” said Kenneth R. Warren, Ph.D., NIAAA Acting Director.

In addition to feature stories and news from the field, each Spectrum will feature a “charticle”—a way of visualizing data and statistics in place of a full article—as well as a photo essay and an interview with a prominent alcohol researcher or NIAAA staff member.

The NIAAA Spectrum can be found online at http://www.spectrum.niaaa.nih.gov.

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