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A major focus of the efforts of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) in treatment research is to rigorously test the patient-treatment matching approach to the clinical management of alcoholism. This commitment is particularly reflected in its multisite clinical trial, Project MATCH. This study is the first national, multisite trial of patient-treatment matching and one of the two largest current initiatives of NIAAA. Established under a cooperative agreement that allows direct collaboration between the Institute and the researcher, the project involves nine geographically representative clinical sites and a data coordinating center. Researchers in Project MATCH are among the most senior and experienced treatment scientists in the field. Both public and private treatment facilities, as well as hospital and university outpatient facilities, are represented.


The manuals in this series are the result of the collaborative efforts of the Project MATCH investigators and are used as guides by therapists in the trial. They are presented to the alcohol research community as standardized, well-documented intervention tools for alcoholism treatment research. The final reports of Project MATCH will inform us on the relative efficacy of the interventions being evaluated in the trial and on the types of clients who benefit the most from each of the therapies.


Until the finalresults from Project MATCH are presented to the community, these interim manuals will summarize the consensus of the investigators on reasonable intervention approaches based on present knowledge. We look forward to offering further refinements of these approaches as Project MATCH data are analyzed and published and as the alcohol treatment field advances through the efforts of other ongoing research.

Enoch Gordis, M.D.
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism