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COMBINE Monograph Series

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Volume 1-Combined Behavioral Intervention Manual: A Clinical Research Guide for Therapists Treating People With Alcohol Abuse and Dependence, 340 pp. NIH Pub. No. 04-5288, 2004.

Highlights the use of Combined Behavioral Intervention, an intensive treatment that combines several successful features from previously evaluated interventions. It is suitable for delivery by trained psychotherapists working in specialized alcoholism treatment facilities.

Volume 2-Medical Management Treatment Manual: A Clinical Research Guide for Medically Trained Clinicians Providing Pharmacotherapy as Part of the Treatment for Alcohol Dependence, [PDF] 132 pp. NIH Pub. No. 04-5289, 2004.

Describes the use of medical management and brief counseling sessions to enhance medication adherence and abstinence from alcohol. This brief session therapy might be suitable for delivery in primary care settings.




Prepared: July 2006