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Ordering Information



Publications listed below are available free of charge to addresses in the United States, APO addresses, and U.S. territories. Due to printing and shipping cost restrictions, all orders are limited to a maximum of 50 copies total (for example, up to 10 copies of 5 different publications, or 50 copies of 1 publication, except where noted).

Requests for quantities greater than the maximum allowed will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on product availability. Please send an email to or call 888-MY-NIAAA (888-696-4222) and provide a brief description of how materials will be used.

NOTE: A valid FedEx or UPS shipping account number is required for shipping of bulk requests and for all orders outside the United States.

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Alcohol: A Women's Health Issue [ PDF format]
(Limited to 50 per order)
Drinking and Your Pregnancy (American Indian Version ) [PDF format]
(Limited to 50 per order)

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Postal delivery services require a telephone number for shipment to foreign countries (including Canada).

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Updated: September 2017