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Alcohol Health & Research World

Drinking Over the Life Span
Vol. 20, No. 3, 1996

In This Issue (p. 143) Click here for overview of chapters.

Risks and Benefits of Alcohol Use Over the Life Span (p. 145)
Mary C. Dufour

The Natural History of Alcoholism (p. 152)
George E. Vaillant and Susanne Hiller-Sturmhöfel

Alcohol's Role in Work-Force Entry and Retirement (p. 162)
Paul M. Roman and J. Aaron Johnson

Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Across the Life Span (p. 170)
Paul D. Connor and Ann P. Streissguth

Drinking During Adolescence (p. 175)
Laurie Chassin and Christian DeLucia

Effect of Parental Drinking on Adolescents (p. 181)
Michael Windle

Drinking Among Young Adults: Prevalence, Patterns, and Consequences (p. 185)
Lori A. Quigley and G. Alan Marlatt

Alcohol in the Early Years of Marriage (p. 192)
Kenneth E. Leonard and Linda J. Roberts

Late-Life Drinking Behavior: The Influence of Personal Characteristics, Life Context, and Treatment (p. 197)
Penny L. Brennan and Rudolf H. Moos

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