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Alcohol Health & Research World

Typology: The Classification of Alcoholism
Vol. 20, No. 1, 1996

In This Issue (p. 3) Click here for overview of chapters.

Erratum (p. 5)

The Classification of Alcoholics: Typology Theories From the 19th Century to the Present (p. 6)
Thomas F. Babor

Type I and Type II Alcoholism: An Update (p. 18)
C. Robert Cloninger, Sören Sigvardsson, and Michael Bohman

Subtypes of Alcoholics Based on Psychometric Measures (p. 24)
John P. Allen

Type A and Type B Alcoholism: Applicability Across Subpopulations and Treatment Settings (p. 30)
Samuel A. Ball

Patient Placement Criteria: Linking Typologies to Managed Care (p. 36)
Leslie C. Morey

The Development of Alcoholic Subtypes: Risk Variation Among Alcoholic Families During the Early Childhood Years (p. 46)
Robert A. Zucker, Deborah A. Ellis, C. Raymond Bingham, and Hiram E. Fitzgerald

Gender and Alcoholic Subtypes (p. 56)
Frances K. Del Boca and Michie N. Hesselbrock

Typology Research Questionnaires (p. 63)
Kathryn G. Ingle

Epidemiologic Bulletin, Number 36

Comorbidity Between DSM-IV Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders: Results From the National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiologic Survey (p. 67)
Bridget F. Grant and Roger P. Pickering

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