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Surveillance Reports

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Surveillance Report #98 [PDF]: Apparent Per Capita Alcohol Consumption: National, State, and Regional Trends, 1977–2012
(LaVallee, Robin A.; Kim, Trinh; Yi, Hsiao-ye) April 2014

Examines trends in the consumption of alcohol in the United States. Findings are based on alcoholic beverage sales data, either collected by the Alcohol Epidemiologic Data System (AEDS) from States or provided by beverage industry sources. Population data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census were used to calculate rates. The report provides data on national consumption of beer, wine, and distilled spirits as well as for all alcoholic beverages combined; consumption trends for each State for the same beverage categories; and consumption trends for each type of beverage and all beverages combined for U.S. regions.

Data for 1977-2012 from this report can be found in one data file: pcyr1970-2012.txt

Surveillance Report #96 [PDF]: Trends in Underage Drinking in the United States, 1991-2011
(Chen, Chiung M.; Yi, Hsiao-ye; Faden, Vivian B.) January 2013

Presents trends in underage drinking by youth ages 12-20 years. Data were obtained from three separate sources, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the Monitoring the Future survey, and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The report presents trends for prevalence of alcohol consumption, drinking patterns, alcohol-related attitudes, and alcohol-related risk behaviors.

Surveillance Report #94 [PDF]: Trends in Alcohol-Related Morbidity among Short-Stay Community Hospital Discharges, United States, 1979–2010
(Chiung M. Chen; Yi, Hsiao-ye) August 2012

Provides alcohol-related morbidity data in the United States.   The data were obtained from the National Hospital Discharge Survey, which is based on a national sample of hospital discharge episodes compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Surveillance Report #93 [PDF]: Liver Cirrhosis Mortality in the United States, 1970–2009
(Young-Hee Yoon; Yi, Hsiao-ye) August 2012

Presents trends in liver cirrhosis mortality in the United States.  Data were compiled on the underlying cause of death from public use data sets published annually by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Surveillance Report #76 [PDF]: Trends in Alcohol–Related Fatal Traffic Crashes, United States, 1977–2004
(Hsiao–ye Yi; Chen, Chiung M.; Williams, Gerald D.) August 2006

Presents trends in alcohol-related fatal traffic crashes.  Data were compiled from sources provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, and the U.S. Bureau of the Census.  The report provides data on alcohol-related traffic crash fatality rates, and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing rates and results, with special sections on young drinking drivers.

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Updated: April 2014